Sharing a good meal and doing charity at the same time 'the Downtown Connection e.V. and Internationales Straßenkinder Archiv' invite you to "Bankett für Millionen".

Our general principles

The Bankett für Millionen is an annual outdoor event with a large food bank providing soup (and canned goods?) for children and adolescents in need worldwide.

Our slogan: Eat for a better world!

The Bankett für Millionen has been established to provide the necessary goods and services in order to provide the proper care for these children.
Furthermore, the project supports them to be able to start school or apprenticeship.
The entire Bankett für Millionen staff will be working on a volunteer basis.

All project funding will be based on donations.

Every year the proceeds of the Bankett für Millionen go to a project in another country of Latin America to support children and adolescents in need and will be chosen annually.

Our goals

Millions of children worldwide suffer from hunger, thirst and diseases.
The reason is always the same: the lack of money, the money which has become the centre of the world, the money that talks, the money that enlarges the divide between rich and poor.
We want to change this fact.
Every talent is worth it. Every child that lives on earth deserves to live in conditions fit for human beings. Children should flourish in an environment where they are able to make a contribution to the society in which they live . Therefore, it is important for these children to gain a basic sense of trust.
This can only happen when children are no longer in immediate danger of starvation, when parents stop abusing them, and when they are no longer a target of discrimination, mobbing, or exclusion.

No child should suffer because of hunger. There is plenty of food to feed the world, but it is just in a few hands. While in Germany a significant amount of food is thrown away, millions of people in Asia, Africa and Latin America are starving.
The fact is that millions of these people are children. In Latin America approximately 40 million children are living on the streets. These are children, forsaken by their parents and children who are excluded by society.

We hope to build a bridge for such children, in order to support them if abandoned by their parents before they go to live on the streets.
In addition, we work to provide parents with the necessary support before abandoning their children.

Donation account:

Bank account holder: Downtown Connection
Reference: Bankett für Millionen
Account number: 331 980 301
Bank code: 100 708 48
Bank: Berliner Bank